Travelling overseas

Before you head off overseas you are advised to consult your medical practitioner to find out if any vaccinations or other medical precautions are recommended or required for the areas you are travelling to. Try to do this 6-8 weeks before you leave. As a minimum, you should ensure that all your routine immunisations are up-to-date (such as tetanus, measles, and polio vaccinations).

For comprehensive overseas travel information please visit the official site for New Zealanders travelling overseas: SafeTravel

Travel consultations do not come under the eligibility for publicly funded health services. Therefore, even though you are enrolled with us, the fee for this service is the same as a non-registered person - the 'casual' rate.

Before you book in with your doctor, it is recommended that you complete a pre-travel questionnaire and then speak with one of our nurses.

Please note that we are unable to provide the vaccination for Yellow Fever (for countries that require this). Please click here for a list of authorised providers.