Ordering repeat prescriptions

It's really easy to order your repeat prescription through one of four ways:

Order online below Order via ManageMyHealth Call prescription line 04 381 6163

When to get a repeat prescription?

The repeat prescription service is for ordering your regular prescriptions only and not all prescriptions will be able to be requested this way. If you have any doubt, please call reception 04 381 6161 and ask for one our nurses to return your call.

The renewal of a regular prescription involves the doctor reviewing your medical records to consider if a renewal without a consultation is appropriate. It is not a substitute for a face-to-face consultation. You and your doctor will have agreed on the minimum interval between consultations for review of your regular medication. Typical intervals are three, six or twelve monthly. Age, complexity and number of health problems and numbers of medications taken all contribute to this decision.

For an urgent (including next-day) prescription during our opening hours please call 04 381 6161 to speak with a receptionist. Urgent prescriptions are not available via our website or the ManageMyHealth website.

Please note:

  • Your doctor may request a blood test before seeing you so that results are available to discuss at your appointment
  • We will only telephone regarding your prescription if we need to ask you a question. We do not telephone to advise that your prescription is ready. 
  • If a prescription is lost we will have to charge for a repeat prescription to be filled.


Ordering your repeat prescription

It's really easy to order your repeat prescription through one of three ways:

  1. Via the online order form below
  2. Via ManageMyHealth
  3. Call our prescription line 04 381 6163

Calling our prescription line

For regular medications, telephone our repeat prescription line on 04 381 6163.

Listen carefully to the instructions given and then leave a message when requested. Remember to speak slowly and clearly. You will be asked to provide the following information:

  • Say your first name
  • Say and spell your second name
  • Say your date of birth
  • Say your residential address (and inform us if this has changed). Please note PO Boxes are not acceptable for this service.
  • Say all the medicines you need and spell out the labels
  • Tell us where your would like the prescription sent - sent to a pharmacy or posted to an address
  • Provide full details of pharmacy (full name, suburb, email) or full address for posted prescription


Receiving your repeat prescription

Prescriptions can either be sent to the pharmacy for you or a 'link' can be sent to your mobile phone/email for you to select where it should be sent.

We will post prescriptions to you however we will take no responsibility for it once it has left our premises.

Sent to your pharmacy/mobile/email

2 working days: $28.00
2 working days for Community Service Card holders: $15.00
Urgent (next day): $35.00

A prescription can be sent to a pharmacy for you. Please tell us which pharmacy you would like your prescription sent to.

Please note: some Pharmacies may charge extra for preparing a sent prescription. We recommend that you contact your Pharmacy directly to find out what this cost may be.

Posted Prescription

Following working day: $28.00
Following working day for Community Service Card holders: $15.00

A prescription will be posted to your designated address.  Please note: we take no responsibility for the prescription once posted, NZ Post Office service rules will apply.



Online order form: repeat prescription

Please note: urgent (including next-day) prescriptions are not available via this online order form - please call 04 381 6161.

Where you can be reached during the day.*

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[NOTE: your address must be filled in if you select this option.]