Repeat prescriptions for regular medications may be requested by telephoning our prescription line or via this website.  Please remember this is for regular prescriptions only and not all prescriptions will be able to be requested this way.  If you have any doubt, please talk to your doctor's nurse.

Please note the charges for our services below. 

The renewal of a regular prescription involves the doctor reviewing your medical records to consider if a renewal without a consultation is appropriate. It is not a substitute for a face to face consultation. You and your doctor will have agreed on the minimum interval between consultations for review of your regular medication. Typical intervals are three, six or twelve monthly. Age, complexity and number of health problems and numbers of medications taken all contribute to this decision.

Your doctor may request a blood test before seeing you so that results are available to discuss at your appointment.

Please note:

- We will only telephone regarding your prescription if we need to ask you a question. We do not telephone to advise that your prescription is ready. 

- If a prescription is lost we will have to charge for a repeat prescription to be filled (this includes posted prescriptions that do not arrive).

On-line repeat prescription form 

NB: DO NOT leave messages for urgent prescriptions on the on-line form.  For an urgent prescription, please phone 04 381 6161 and ask to speak to a nurse.

Telephone repeat prescription line 

collected prescription - $19.00

These can be collected from our reception desk after 3.00pm one working day after your request is made. 

posted prescription - $24.00

Prescriptions can be posted to your home address.  Please provide these details when requesting your prescription. Once a prescription is posted it is unfortunately beyond our control as to whether it arrives safely or in a timely manner.  Therefore we can take no responsibility for the safe arrival of a posted prescription.  If you want a prescription to be posted to you please allow five working days for it to arrive.

faxed prescription - $24.00

A prescription can be faxed to a pharmacy for you. Please tell us which pharmacy you would like your prescription faxed to.  The prescription will usually be ready at the pharmacy after 3.00pm the following working day.

Please note that some Pharmacies may charge extra for preparing a faxed prescription. We recommend that you contact your Pharmacy directly to find out what this cost may be.

urgent same-day prescription - $30.00

For an urgent same-day prescription (during our opening hours) please call 04 381 6161 and ask to speak to your doctor's nurse. Same-day prescriptions are not available via this website.

urgent same-day prescription faxed to a pharmacy - $34.00

Urgent same-day prescriptions can be faxed to a pharmacy of your choice.