Covid-19 infection and care

Most people with COVID-19 develop cold and flu-like symptoms that can last up to two weeks.

Most symptoms can be managed with:

  • bed rest (if lying down, change position every 30 minutes to two hours)
  • taking paracetamol or ibuprofen to relieve headaches, aches and fevers
  • keeping hydrated with regular sips of water
  • honey or lozenges for a sore throat
  • decongestants for a blocked nose.

Continue to take any regular medication. Some people will be prescribed medication to reduce their chance of needing hospital level care.

It is important to track your symptoms every day in case you become more unwell and need urgent medical care.

If you have difficulties breathing or feel faint or dizzy at any stage, call 111 immediately. Tell them you have COVID-19 when you ring.

If you are isolating at home and feel you are getting more unwell, call the COVID Healthline on 0800 358 5453 or City GPs on 04 381 6161.

Most people will recover within two weeks but others may have persistent symptoms for months.

Health Navigator 

This is an excellent New Zealand based resource with clear and concise information about healthcare.

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