Doctors' working patterns

Patients at City GPs are registered to a specific doctor.  Our doctors work in teams consisting of (usually) two doctors.  We strive to ensure that you see the same doctor team for continuity of care and relationship building.  For this reason, when making bookings our staff will attempt to place you with the doctor you are registered with, or the doctor that works with them.  

Below is a list of the teams and tables of when the doctors are usually working at the practice.  This is intended as a guide only and may change depending on events.

The teams:

Consult Room 1:  Dr John Littler (JHL6) and Dr Kiri Renssen (KHR6)

Consult Room 2:  Dr Javier Stroud (JAS) and Dr Eeva Alhava (EA2)

Consult Room 3: Dr Monika Vieregg (MV) and Dr Kiri Renssen (KHR4)

Consult Room 4: Dr Tim McLeod (MCL) and Dr Sabine Stanley (SIS9)

Consult Room 5: Dr Tony Jenks (TJ) and Dr Michelle Mullin (MM1)

Consult Room 6: Dr Sarah Blair (SB-R)