Covid-19 protocols

ALL patients requiring medical care will be able to book an appointment to see a doctor or nurse.  In some instances a face to face appointment is not required, and instead we can arrange either a phone or video consultation.

To keep patients and staff safe we are restricting entry into our main waiting and clinical area to patients who do not have any symptoms of a viral respiratory illness (i.e. cold and/or ‘flu’ symptoms)

We have a separate clinical area designated to accommodate patients who have ANY symptoms of a viral respiratory illness.  This includes runny nose, sore throat, cough, fever, feeling 'fluey', and so on.  If in doubt PLEASE ask before coming into our main waiting room area.  If you do have any of these symptoms we will arrange to have your appointment in our separate clinical area to minimize the risk of spreading any viral infection.

Masks and vaccination

All patients aged 12 and over are required to wear a mask while inside City GPs' premises UNLESS they have a mask exemption certificate.  Mask wearing has been demonstrated to reduce community transmission of Covid-19, and is currently mandated by the Ministry of Health as per the traffic light system.

We will continue to provide medical care to all patients irrespective of their Covid-19 vaccination status.  However as it has been proven that vaccination significantly reduces the risk of infection with, and transmission of Covid 19, we ask that unvaccinated patients consider whether their appointment could be held over the phone or via video call.  Some of our patients are vulnerable and at risk of severe illness and we ask that our community supports us in trying to keep all our patients as safe as possible.